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    1. Thanks for your comment! you’re welcome to stop any time during our business hours to pick up your Teeth Whitening Kit!

  1. That stuff seriously this is something that’s quite often overlooked in my view.

    Thanks for the blog and I’ll be certain to follow the progress

  2. I’ve used this twice and my teeth are whiter. I also have very sensitive teeth and this doesn’t seem to upset sensitivity too badly. Impressive that I can see a small difference so quickly. If you have sensitive teeth I wouldn’t use it on consecutive nights. I’ve left one night in between treatments and it seems fine.

  3. I really like this kit. It works better than just about anything else I have ever used. I attached a video. The only complaint is the tray for your mouth is really odd and clunky and doesn’t fit very well. Are used an old tray from a different product and just hold the light in my mouth. This is definitely worth the money and it works very very well for me

  4. Love this, you can see results after first use. Not quite done with first treatment and I can’t believe the difference.
    I am loving to smile more to show off my bright new smile! Definatley worth it, would buy again, and have already recommended to friends, family, and coworkers.

  5. I’m a smoke and I live off Diet Coke so I was skeptical with how much whitening could be done, but I am three days into using this system and I have to say I am impressed my teeth are at least 2 shades whiter! I have no sensitivity and the system is extremely easy to use. The one thing that I have been doing is using a small paint brush to directly apply the whitening gel to my teeth then using a little more on the actual mouth piece, I do this that way I can get the cracks of my teeth or the areas that were extremely discolored and it works great! I can’t wait to see what a week into using this system will look like for me!

  6. So far I have used this kit 4 times. I definitely am starting to see a difference in the brightness of my teeth. The best thing about this, is that it does not cause any sensitivity! The Crest white strips make my teeth hurt SO bad after using them only one time! I also really like how the mouth tray keeps the gel from getting onto your tongue, because that can be gross! I am excited to see how white my teeth will be after a couple more treatments. I will update with pictures later!

  7. I used this once and immediately saw results, I drink coffee every morning and red wine on the weekends, it has been years since I used a whitener bc my teeth are very sensitive. Previous whiteners have striped the enamel off my teeth resulting in a very expensive bonding procedure from a weakened chipped tooth. I like Deluxe Teeth Whiteing kit its great for sensitive teeth and its not stripping your enamel. Looking forward to my next session 🙂

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